Momo Kisaragi 

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"This is torture! I wanna quit! I thank the audience for coming, but I’m really depressed inside.”

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Naked Apron Senpai and Aka-san….. Why Kumagawa wearing an naked apron ? Is that a bad dream or maybe affection ?

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actually i don’t think it’s Kishida Mel though, it’s just different with how he draw his characters (see Atelier Totori to Meruru or Red Data Girl, etc)

but the credits say so…

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Nisekoi #15 Endcard - Kishida Mel

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Attack on Titan - Brides
(screenshot at end of eps 19)

Credits go to Redjuice.

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Tears are words the mouth can't say, nor can the heart bear.
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Twitter / hitoishi_14n2i5: 真姫ちゃんおめでとーう #西木野真姫生誕祭 

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Twitter / HitenKei: 海未ちゃん~

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Artist: Hatsuki Yura
Track: "Kiseki"


Hatsuki Yura - Kiseki [Augite]
lyrics + translation

Oh, gentle angel lingering by the window
With unfurled wings, and swaying hair
The dark of night takes my hand and calls me away
Show me the way to the depths of Hades

I’ll become a sacrifice to save her
Pain and anguish, I’ll take it all

Just going through some old translations, forgot how lovely this song was!

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